How to open cmd window at any location

11 May

Now,I will show you how you can open command prompt window at any location in windows without locating a location in cmd by two lines of code & batch file. Continue reading

How to refresh page or content in every second

21 Apr

Today,I am going to share one interesting snippet with you.You might had seen some websites which are providing live updates.Today,I will be showing you something similar to it. Continue reading

Yahoo Online Status Checker Script in PHP

13 Apr

Today,I will provide small piece of PHP snippet for checking yahoo online status. Continue reading

Fetch images from directory

12 Apr

Hi,Today I will show you how you can fetch images from a particular directory & assign a id to each in a increasing order. Continue reading

How to echo id from html content with Simple HTML Dom

9 Apr

Now,I will show you how you can echo id of any element from HTML code with the help of Simple HTML Dom.It can help you to scrape contents from websites.

Code :
Continue reading

Getting details from MySQL DB with PHP

26 Mar

How to print details from MySQL with PHP :

Note : Replace red marked details: Continue reading